Steaks in the Skillet

Matthew Potter

A cast iron skillet, a couple of ribeyes and a simple sauce make for a great way to enjoy that next steak you’ve promised yourself.  Here at Simply Texas, we enjoy steaks on the grill but every now and then, it’s fun to try something a little different.  If you’re on board with that, try this recipe some time.   You can put the skillet on a hot grill or to keep it simple, try this out on your stovetop.

 - 2 ribeyes, cut to 1 ½” thickness, about 1 pound each,  would be our preference but any thick cut, marbled steak will work. 

- About an hour before cooking, take the steaks out of the refrigerator and give them a liberal rub of your favorite seasoning.  Here at the shop, we tend to favor our Coarse Steak Rub or Spicy Garlic Pepper, about  2 tablespoons each

- In a sauce pan, melt about a ½ cup of butter and add:

o   A medium onion, chopped

o   3 cloves garlic, minced

o   Juice of one lemon

o   Tablespoon of chopped cilantro

- Heat the skillet and add a tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil and a tablespoon of butter….melt and stir

- When the skillet is good and hot, add the steaks, turn to coat the meat with the oil/butter and then start cooking…everybody’s cook time varies according to heat source and degree of doneness so follow your own guidelines on time…..on our outdoor grill, for a medium rare steak we’re cooking around 8 minutes per side.

- When the steaks are done to your liking, remove from skillet and place in a warm oven or cover with foil to keep hot

- Pour the contents of your sauce pan into the skillet and cook for a couple minutes

- Place the steaks on your serving plates, pour the marinade over the top and enjoy some really good eating……