Dried Chiles Become Pureed Peppers

Matthew Potter

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These chiles have been drying on my kitchen counter for a couple weeks and needed a home...too many times my excess peppers end up lost and forgotten.....I am not sure what variety these are as they were harvested off a plant given us by our friends Denise and Leroy....all I can tell you is they are hot and flavorful....anyway, we've got lots of dried, ground chiles at the shop so I decided this small handful of chiles needed to take on a different life so how about some pureed peppers?  Here's what I did and I was really happy with the results.... - split the chiles and...

Peri-Peri Chicken

Matthew Potter

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This is one of our favorite grilled chicken recipes at my house. Nicely spicy without being scorching hot..full of flavor and low fat/low calorie. Add to it that prep is quick and easy and that makes it a winner in my book. Let's look at the ingredients...   1/4 cup paprika2 tablespoons cayenne pepper1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice3-5 cloves minced garlic1+1/2 teaspoons chopped fresh ginger1+1/2 teaspoons salt4 boneless chicken breastsCombine ingredients and whisk. Pour over chicken breasts and allow to marinate for minimum of 3 hours..the longer the better. Cook on grill over medium heat for about 30 minutes, until...

Texas Caviar

Matthew Potter

In our last post, we proclaimed August to be National Pinto Bean Month  In honor of that proclamation, we shared a favorite pinto bean recipe wrapped up in a rich, spicy gravy.  But those pintos are best served hot and since the weather is so damn hot right now, we thought we'd slip in one more recipe in August to honor that favored bean, this time as part of an icy cold Texas Caviar. I know there are purists out there who claim Texas Caviar is made with black-eyed peas only.  We figure that since the creator of Texas Caviar, Helen Corbitt was a native New Yorker,...

Perfect Pork Rub

Matthew Potter

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Perfect Pork Rub is finally done....after many test blends, trial cooking and lots of customer input on test blends, we finally got what we were looking for....a little sweet, a little heat and a bunch of flavor in between....garlic, sea salt, smoky paprika and a few other things....if you are looking for a nice, balanced rub to go on ribs, loin or pork shoulder you've gotta give Perfect Pork Rub a try.... It's only available in limited quantities at the shop right now so come by for a sample. Coming online soon!

National Pinto Bean Month

Matthew Potter

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Here’s a pearl of wisdom for you – the month of July is National Baked Bean Month.  I can honestly say I did not know this and actually have a hard time believing people come up with this sort of thing.  Guess I should have posted this favorite bean recipe last month as it’s now August.  Since this recipe is not for baked beans I’m announcing right now that we’re going to name the month of August National Pinto Bean Month.  Here’s the best recipe for pinto beans you’ll ever taste.  Try it just the way the recipe says and then...