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Spook-tacular Ghost Pepper Box

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To celebrate Halloween, we've thrown together four of our favorite ghost pepper sauces to terrify your tastebuds!

Pepper Love Mojo Ghost - Fresh, tropical and citrusy. Fish tacos, chicken...just about anything.

Queen Majesty Cocoa Ghost - Chipotle and pasilla dance with ghost peppers and habanero to provide a smoky heat while plum and pineapple bring the sweet.

Seed Ranch Flavor Smokey Ghost - You can always count on Seed Ranch to deliver unique flavors This one is no different - chipotles, ghost pepper, dates and carrots dance together.

Mikey V's Ghostly Garlic - One of my favorite new sauces...a little tamer than his Scorpion Garlic but still packing a punch. 

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4 x 5 oz woozie