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Lunch on the Back Porch.

Matthew Potter

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We love the back porch at the shop...especially on days like these. We test all our rubs many times back here before they go to the shelf. It gives us a chance to get our customer's feedback and let's face it, we'll use any excuse to bust out the charcoal and fire up the pit. Speaking of pits, we've got a big Gator Pit smoker that can handle a ton of meat but isn't exactly ideal for a few chicken breasts or a steak. By customer recommendation, we went with a Pit Barrel Cooker and have been loving it. Holds temp great...

Eight Minute Cheesecake

Matthew Potter

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Recently some of our favorite customers came by the shop and brought us a beautiful cheesecake made especially for us....topped with strawberries and blueberries, it was not only delicious but looked like it had taken a longtime to make....I love cheesecake but am chronically short on time for making things like cheesecakes....if you find yourself in the same time crunch, here's a great recipe for cheesecake that you can make in 8 minutes according to the recipe card in my wife's recipe file...I don't know where the recipe came from and I'm certainly not claiming ownership of this but I can tell you it is delicious and perfect...

Hatch Chile Festival

Matthew Potter

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Drop whatever you’re doing and head to Hatch, New Mexico for this weekend’s annual Hatch Chile Festival…’s a link to the festival website, .  From our shop in Old Town Spring, it’s a smooth 810 miles so you might be rolling in a little late for this year’s event.  But if you enjoy beautiful scenery and great tasting food made from the big green chiles they ground around Hatch (there isn’t really a Hatch chile, no matter what HEB says) then make a plan to attend next year….or better yet, make a plan to go after this weekend…’s 89...

Steaks in the Skillet

Matthew Potter

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A cast iron skillet, a couple of ribeyes and a simple sauce make for a great way to enjoy that next steak you’ve promised yourself.  Here at Simply Texas, we enjoy steaks on the grill but every now and then, it’s fun to try something a little different.  If you’re on board with that, try this recipe some time.   You can put the skillet on a hot grill or to keep it simple, try this out on your stovetop.  - 2 ribeyes, cut to 1 ½” thickness, about 1 pound each,  would be our preference but any thick cut, marbled steak...

Dried Chiles Become Pureed Peppers

Matthew Potter

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These chiles have been drying on my kitchen counter for a couple weeks and needed a home...too many times my excess peppers end up lost and forgotten.....I am not sure what variety these are as they were harvested off a plant given us by our friends Denise and Leroy....all I can tell you is they are hot and flavorful....anyway, we've got lots of dried, ground chiles at the shop so I decided this small handful of chiles needed to take on a different life so how about some pureed peppers?  Here's what I did and I was really happy with the results.... - split the chiles and...