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Lunch on the Back Porch.

We love the back porch at the shop...especially on days like these. We test all our rubs many times back here before they go to the shelf. It gives us a chance to get our customer's feedback and let's face it, we'll use any excuse to bust out the charcoal and fire up the pit.

Speaking of pits, we've got a big Gator Pit smoker that can handle a ton of meat but isn't exactly ideal for a few chicken breasts or a steak. By customer recommendation, we went with a Pit Barrel Cooker and have been loving it. Holds temp great and super good value. 


Today's rub of choice wasn't a new blend but an old favorite - Texas Chicken Rub - combined with one of our favorite local hot sauces, Bravado Spice Company's Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce. The results were terrific...the guys at Bravado are doing a bunch of good stuff - we particularly love the new Crimson hot sauce - but this one remains our hands down favorite. Come sample at the shop - you won't be disappointed!

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