Lots of change in and around Old Town Spring..and some things remain the same.

Matthew Potter

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Anyone who lives on this side of Houston doesn’t need reminding that things are blowing up over here. Construction is insane and it’s definitely posed some challenges for our little town. The exit to Old Town Spring from the north has been closed for months and construction on Spring Cypress going into town has made it very difficult for our customers to get to us.   We really thank all of you for making the effort to visit us throughout this craziness – you’ve been our backbone and the reason we’re still open.   We’ve sadly seen some of our...

Little Free Library

Matthew Potter

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We’re all readers in this mom is a children’s librarian and my wife is a teacher. Little Juliette is already crazy about books – although we have to remind her sometimes they are for reading and not eating!With a love of reading come the inevitable stacks of books. Over here they are in all the nooks and crannies of our house. I just can’t throw a book away. Enter the Little Free Library.   We’ve had ours out for a year or so now and we all just love it. Donny from the Walking Horse Gallery puts his leftovers...