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Burns & McCoy Especia Roja Hot Sauce

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Imagine having a great meal but something is just lacking from making it memorable. Thankfully La Especia Rojo is that missing ingredient to any dish missing that something special. This red sauce will take you to the moon and back and leave you begging for another trip. The crimson red in the bottle has subtle hints of guajillo peppers accented by roasted pumpkin seed and cumin, followed by the sweetness of fire roasted red peppers. You could not ask for more from such a beautiful red sauce, even if you did, you will not find better.

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5 oz woozie

Distilled vinegar, roasted red peppers, water, citric acid, fire roasted tomato, water, pomegranate juice, guajillo peppers, fresh garlic, roasted pepitas, chile de arbol, chile pequin, spices.